Welcome to the International Conference on „The Contribution of Civil Society and Victim Participation in Transitional Justice Processes“

We thank everyone who took part in the conference for contributing to a successful conference with fruitful dialogues and vivid discussions.

Dear visitors,

the following website wants to inform you about the conference which was held from December 2-5, 2009 in Marburg, Germany.

The conference aimed to provide a space and an opportunity for actors specifically involved in the topic of victim participation to come together for follow up discussions on the workshops that took place in Cambodia and Uganda this year.

The conference report ist now available here.

The conference is part of a civil society project facilitated by the Philipps-University Marburg and the University of Augsburg. It is funded through the German Foreign Ministry/ Institute for Foreign Relations (ifa) and implemented in cooperation with local partners from both Cambodia and Uganda.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please feel welcome to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in transitional justice and victim participation.

Your conference team